Will 2014 be the year of the octa-core processor?

After Apple caught the industry somewhat by surprise in announcing a 64-bit iPhone, Samsung reacted quickly by revealing that it would be releasing its own 64-bit smartphone in 2014. But did the South Korean giant jump the gun?

Many remain to be convinced of the real world performance benefits of 64-bit mobile computing. It is possible that next year the debate could remain centred around the number of cores and clock speed that processors have to offer.

Xu Xin Quan, the boss of Huawei, has revealed that his company is developing its own octa-core processor, and this will feature on the forthcoming Huawei 6PS.

The news from Huawei follows talk that both MediaTek and Qualcomm are also readying octa-core processors for release in 2014.

[via Android Community]