WRIO honeycomb Android keyboard

WRIO hopes to persuade you to abandon the QWERTY keyboard

A new mobile keyboard has launched, promising users significant improvements in typing speed. The app does away with the rectangular keys that have been traditionally associated with smartphone keyboards, instead favouring honeycomb-shaped keys.

The developers claim that their approach means that WRIO keyboard offers keys that are better suited to the shape of a human finger.

More space is given to the keys as well, than is the case with more traditional smartphone keyboards, due to the honeycomb shape that has been used.

WRIO’s developers say that they have good reason for attempting to redesign the keyboard, as they have found that their set-up significantly improves both accuracy and speed.

Due to the layout that the honeycomb-shaped keys necessitate, WRIO does not offer a QWERTY arrangement, although the keys are still in a similar position to those on more traditional keyboards.

[via Digital Trends]