Yahoo Today - Yahoo Mail Android app

Yahoo aims to take a large slice of Android

Yahoo has been enjoying something of a revival of late, although even in darker times, it has always had the comfort blanket of owning one of the largest email services. If Yahoo is to grow, however, it must also attract users to the fresh portfolio of services it is developing.

One way Yahoo is trying to increase the number of people using its new services is by attempting to lure users of existing products like Yahoo Mail.

The new Yahoo Mail app is therefore aiming to seamlessly integrate a number of services that people already use on a daily basis. The idea is that the Yahoo Mail app should become the hub of your Android device, providing far more than a simple email service.

Andrew Molyneux, Senior Product Manager at Yahoo Mail, has been very clear about what the company hopes to achieve with the refreshed app.

“Our goal was to put all the information you care about right at your fingertips,” he said.

There are three distinct sections to the new Yahoo Mail app: inbox, news stream and Today. Unique to Android, it is possible to swipe between these, or tap the upper right-hand corner of the display.

The inbox section is self explanatory, whilst the news stream provides easy access to a real-time news feed. Most interesting is the Today area, which offers personalised information using technology taken from some of Yahoo’s standalone apps.

Inside Today, you can find Yahoo Weather, News Digest and sport scores.

Yahoo Weather is already one of the most successful weather apps available on Google Play. As for News Digest, it is based on the app of the same name, developed after Yahoo purchased Summly – a service pioneered by British teenager Nick D’Aloisio to summarise news stories.

It is no secret that people want information such as weather forecasts, news and sport scores. Indeed, there is a huge variety of separate apps available that provide this, including from Yahoo itself.

Yahoo’s aim is to provide information that people frequently seek, and to make it easy to access. If they achieve this with the new version of Yahoo Mail, it will result in users spending longer accessing the app.

The type of content provided by Yahoo is widely available within the Android ecosystem. But by packaging it in products that are already popular, Yahoo hope to become the default destination for a growing number of Android users.