Yahoo Aviate launcher search

Yahoo integrates search into Aviate launcher

Yahoo has stepped up its attempts to gain a foothold within Android with the introduction of a new feature in its Aviate launcher. Search functionality is now provided, and can be accessed via a transparent widget that’s placed directly on the home screen.

Aviate’s search widget is highly similar to Google’s own default search box, with its transparent appearance. And just like Google’s Android search offering, it provides more than just a simple web search.Yahoo Aviate launcher search results

Search results in Aviate are presented slightly differently to Google’s layout, though. In Aviate, a series a overlaid boxes are opened on top of the home screen, rather than in a separate window, as is the case with Google’s search.

There is clearly a desire from Yahoo for Aviate’s search function to be an all-in-one solution. When a keyword or phrase is entered, Aviate will search the web, contacts and a list of installed apps in an attempt to find the most relevant result.

It is worth nothing that Google’s own search also scans the aforementioned three areas, as well as delivering results from Play Movies & TV and Play Music. But whilst the integration of search within Aviate is potentially a very useful enhancement, on its own it is unlikely to tempt anyone over to Yahoo’s launcher.

As a package, Aviate is nonetheless one of the leading launchers available on Android, providing a very welcome alternative for anyone who does not like the default option that was supplied with their device. Similar to Google Now, Aviate is a launcher that aims to intelligently provide relevant information to users, without the need for heavy customisation.

It was almost a year ago that Yahoo purchased Aviate, and the latest development to the launcher provides a little bit more insight into the strategy behind the acquisition. Users who search using the new widget will be provided with search results served up by Yahoo, rather than Google.

Although Yahoo’s search results are provided by Bing, there is still an opportunity to integrate Yahoo services within the data that is returned.