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Adobe Lightroom gets new look on Android

Adobe has released a heavily-revised edition of Lightroom for Android. While the new version does not offer much in terms of additional functionality, it will significantly change the way that the app is used.

Lightroom for Android has been completely redesigned, now offering a user interface that provides an appearance that is closer to the native design of the operating system. By providing a layout that looks more efficient, Adobe is confident that it has made Lightroom easier to use.

“We wanted to provide the best Android experience possible, so we redesigned Lightroom for Android from the ground up to be faster, more efficient, and, well, more Android-y,” the company wrote in a blog post

“Every screen has been redesigned with the goal of ensuring a natural, native Android experience while providing the highest quality, professional-grade mobile photo editing app ever.”

Lightroom allows users to make all the standard adjustments to a photo that are commonplace with many image editors.

But one of the most popular features of Lightroom, on both PC and mobile, is its ability to enable easy editing of a selection. This makes it straightforward to edit part of a photo – for instance increasing contrast levels in the sky.

Both the standard editing and selective editing modes have been redesigned on Android, with the intention of making adjustments to photos more intuitive.

The desktop edition of Lightroom is relatively affordable, as far as photo editing software is concerned. Although the mobile version is not quite as feature-rich, it is available to download for free from the Play Store.

On Android, Lightroom competes against Google Snapseed and CyberLink PhotoDirector.

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