ADW Launcher 2 - tablet view

ADW Launcher 2 released after five years

In what is likely to be a surprise to many, ADW Launcher 2 has been released after development work that began in 2011. While in its heyday ADW Launcher was one of the most popular aftermarket launchers available for Android, years of inertia saw it become much less relevant.

If you missed it, a beta edition of ADW Launcher 2.0 finally emerged in July, after the developer recommitted to the project.

In 2016, most attention has been directed toward apps like Nova Launcher and Smart Launcher 3. But there are still many Android users who remember ADW Launcher fondly, resulting in plenty of interest surrounding its revival.

ADW Launcher 2 faces hefty competition right now, particularly with Nova Launcher Prime selling at a heavily-discounted price over the holiday season, and new contenders like Evie Launcher gaining popularity.

Having been released onto Google Play as a free download, it is possible to buy access to premium features of ADW Launcher 2 inside the app.

[via Android Authority]