Chromecast 2015 (Lemonade) connected to TV HDMI port

Analytics now available for Chromecast developers

Understanding viewer habits has long been essential for traditional linear broadcasters, and as the way we consume media changes, it is important for content providers to be able to track new behaviours. With this in mind, there is good news for anyone who makes their content available via Chromecast, as Google has introduced new analytics tools for developers.

Content providers are able to access information such as how many devices access their app and how long they spend playing media.

Whilst it was possible for developers to record Chromecast viewing and listening data before the new analytics tools were made available, they had to build their own utilities in order to do so. Now analytics can be accessed directly from the Google Cast Developer Console.

It is now much easier for anyone making content available via Chromecast to understand how it is being viewed. Developers can also potentially gain better insight into the popularity of the video and audio they offer via Chromecast, and therefore develop their server infrastructure in order to be able to meet demand.