ASUS Chromebook Flip - tent mode

Android apps begin to become available on Chromebooks

Android apps have started to arrive on Chromebooks, with the ASUS Chromebook Flip the first device to offer support. Anyone who is running developer mode on their ASUS Chromebook Flip is now able to install apps directly from Google Play.

The availability of Android apps will expand the core purpose of Chromebooks for many users. Although apps are supported via the Chrome Web Store, the ability to access the wide range of Android apps that is available from Google Play will mean that Chromebooks can be used for a substantially greater number of tasks.

In May Google confirmed the long-standing rumour that it was planning to make Android apps available on Chromebooks.

Google appears to believe that both Android and Chrome OS offer some distinct advantages for the form factors in which they are typically used. Android is mainly associated with mobile devices, whilst Chrome OS is typically deployed on clamshell laptops.

Instead of merging Chrome OS into Android, convergence between the operating systems will take place through the two platforms sharing a common set of apps.

[via CNET]