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Android Auto not working with latest Android N Developer Preview

Some testers of the Android N Developer Preview have discovered that the latest release of the software does not function very well with Android Auto. There seems to be a number of Android Auto-related issues affecting the latest build, which are causing frustrations with the in-car system.

The problems with Android Auto range in severity, with – at the lower end of the scale – some users having difficulty getting navigation to work. For other testers, however, the issues are even more troublesome, with Android Auto failing to load correctly on some head units.

Android N Development Preview 4 was released earlier this week and it has not taken long for the problems with Android Auto to be discovered.

It is highly likely that the difficulties will be resolved in time for the full release of Android 7.0 N, which will take place in the third quarter of 2016.

Google are moving towards the final stages of development with Android N, having finalised the APIs with the release of the fourth developer preview.

Developers are now able to ensure their apps are compatible with Android N, safe in the knowledge that no further changes will be made to the APIs.

[via Android Central]