Android N 3D Touch

Android N may include ‘3D Touch’

The next version of Android – currently known as Android N – could feature capabilities similar to 3D Touch. This would add an extra layer of interactivity to the operating system, with elements on screen responding differently depending on how they are selected.

In the case of Apple’s 3D touch, some icons on a display respond differently depending on the level of pressure applied to a touch. This allows developers to present information when an icon is pressed with force, meaning that it is not necessary to open the app.

A similar concept has been demonstrated by the website Phandroid, using Android N Developer Preview and Nova Launcher.

Using an app developed by Phandroid’s Steve Albright – which pulls data from Google Weather – a forecast is displayed by swiping down on an icon.

Although Phandroid’s demonstration relies on a gesture rather than pressure sensitivity, the website points out that the system could be used to create a feature along the lines of 3D Touch.