Godus Android game

Android version of Godus released

The popular god game Godus is now available to download from Google Play. The title was funded by a Kickstarter campaign, which raised £526,563, after setting an original target of £450,000.

The fact that Peter Molyneux was designing the game played a key role in generating a lot of the initial excitement. Molyneux is a well-known video game designer, having been behind such classics as Theme Park and Populous – the latter thought by many to have been the very first god game.

Godus provides players with the opportunity to shape a world and guide the development of a civilisation.

Like the iOS version of Godus, the Android edition is free-to-play, but offers the option of in-game purchases. Godus is also available on Steam for Mac and PC. However, the Steam edition does not follow the freemium pricing model, selling for a one-off fee.