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Android Wear gets improved Google Play Music support

Google Play Music has been revised to include better support for music syncing on Android Wear. As a result of the changes, it is now possible to only sync selected tracks to a smartwatch.

Previously, syncing had to include an entire offline music collection, as it was not possible to prevent individual tracks from being downloaded. Of course, the reality for most users was that not all of their songs were synced, due to the limited storage space available on Android Wear smartwatches.

Using Google Play Music, it is now possible to stop tracks syncing to a connected smartwatch. This is achieved through a new menu in the app settings, in which it is possible to prevent individual tracks from being synced.

The benefit of the change is that it provides much better management of offline music playback on Android smartwatches.

Listening to music via Bluetooth headphones – without the need to have a phone close by – has become more straightforward for smartwatch owners. This could be especially useful in environments such as gyms.

[via Android Police]