ASUS smartwatch Twitter hint

ASUS hints at new Android smartwatch

The Twitter account of ASUS has offered a big indication that the Taiwanese company is on the verge of showing off its very first Android smartwatch. An image has been posted showing what appears to be the outline of a smartwatch, alongside a reference to the fast-approaching IFA Berlin trade show.

The image also includes a quote from the Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran:

Time has been transformed, and we have changed.

It seems likely that the Gibran quote is ASUS’ way of offering a not-particularly-subtle hint, for anyone unsure the photo in question actually depicts a smartwatch. The image also makes reference to 3rd September, which is two days before the official opening of IFA Berlin 2014.

The new smartwatch from ASUS may well be officially announced on 3rd September, before being shown to the public a couple of days later at IFA.

The news has not come as a particular surprise, with Jerry Shen – CEO of ASUS – having told an investors’ conference call earlier this month that the company has been readying an Android-Wear-based smartwatch.

When it comes to smartphones and tablets, whilst ASUS’ Waveshare UI is reasonably well regarded within the industry, it is not currently a match for the likes of Samsung TouchWiz, HTC Sense or LG UX. The chances are that ASUS’s smartwatch may not be particularly innovative, but will probably be competitively priced.

It would be wrong to mistake ASUS merely as a manufacturer of cut-price electrical products, however. The ASUS Eee PC netbooks were market-leading offerings, and it could be argued the company’s Transformer tablet-laptop hybrids – offered complete with detachable keyboards – kick-started the convertible PC sector.

Within the world of Android, ASUS is best known as the manufacturer behind Google’s popular Nexus 7 tablets. Both generations of Nexus 7 were well received, offering good build quality and performance, despite relatively modest price tags.

Therefore, hopes should be high ahead of the unveiling of an ASUS smartwatch. Many of the company’s previous products suggest there is every change the forthcoming wearable will compete well against already established rivals, but without proving to be overly expensive.

[via Android Central]