Chrome 54 Beta - background video playback

Background video playback feature shows up in Chrome 54 Beta

There is a very interesting inclusion in the latest beta edition of Chrome for Android, with the addition of background video playback. This provides a notable improvement in the multi-tasking experience offered by Android, making it possible to listen to the audio from a video playing in Chrome 54 Beta, at the same time as using another app.

Providing details about the change, the Chromium Blog demonstrates the feature using a TED talk.

For many users, though, the most exciting potential implementation of background playback centres around YouTube videos. It is now possible to listen to a music playlist from the video-sharing service, at the same time as carrying out other tasks.

Everyone should probably contain their excitement, though, because as noted by Android Police, Chrome allows websites to detect if they are still active in the background.

It is therefore highly possible that YouTube will disable this feature before long, as background playback is one of the selling points of the premium YouTube Red service.

Although YouTube Red’s background playback operates through the mobile app rather than the more-limited website, there is still a decent chance that the video-sharing platform will not want a premium feature to be available for free in the long term.