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Barnes & Noble is looking to revitalise NOOK

A further shake-up will take place at digital content provider NOOK. Parent company Barnes & Noble has poached an executive from Toys “R” Us in a bid to turnaround the fortunes of its ebook brand.

Troubles have been mounting for NOOK recently, with revenue having declined by 40 percent in the last quarter. Under current boss Mahesh Veerina, who has been in charge for the past two years, NOOK has failed to record a profit.

The man hired to replace Veerina is Fred Argir, who was chief digital officer at Toys “R” Us. Argir will commence his new role on 30 July.

Argir’s hiring is good news for NOOK owners. The fact that Barnes & Noble has hired a new executive to lead its digital content division suggests that the company believes that NOOK has a future.

[via Good e-Reader]