Instagram for Android

Better photo quality for Instagram on Android

There is some good news for Instagram users on Android, with the promise that the quality of images is to improve on Google’s mobile operating system. Photos uploaded to Instagram from Android smartphones have always appeared poorer quality than images sent from iOS devices, with excessive image compression largely accepted as being the culprit.

Instagram has recently started rolling out support for higher resolution photos at 1080 x 1080 for both Android and iOS smartphones – an upgrade from the 640 x 640 standard that the social network had been relying on. Alongside this, Instagram has promised to improve the quality of images uploaded from Android devices.

Responding to a user on Twitter, co-founder Mike Krieger said the social network had  introduced enhancements specific to Instagram for Android.

“[The] latest Android [app update] adds a bunch of improvements to the image pipeline too, so you should see better upload quality,” Krieger said.

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