Samsung S Voice

Bixby voice assistant to feature on Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is reportedly set to include a voice assistant called Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Bixby could be a major feature of next year’s flagship from Samsung, with the assistant deployed across all native apps on the device.

This is far from the first time that the name Bixby has been linked to a Samsung voice assistant. And it is no secret that artificial intelligence will play an important role with the Samsung Galaxy S8 – a senior official from the South Korean conglomerate has already said as much publicly.

There is already a voice assistant on Samsung mobile devices in the form of S Voice. But the next generation replacement for S Voice – whether it is Bixby or something else – will inevitably be significantly more sophisticated, relying much more heavily on AI.

Samsung’s focus on AI is not a surprise as this is an area which many analysts believe will define the tech industry in the coming years.

AI offers companies like Samsung the opportunity to make significant technological advancements and differentiate products from the competition.

Another potentially huge benefit for Samsung is that Bixby could offer an opportunity to tie together a range of in-house products and apps, reducing reliance on Google’s services.

Previous rumours have indicated that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature both male and female voice assistants, with Bixby the male helper alongside a female assistant called Kestra. There has been no mention of gendered voice assistants in the most recent report, so it is unclear whether Samsung is still pursuing this option.

[via SamMobile]