Blinkbox movies Android app - Chromecast support

Blinkbox becomes the latest UK movie app to support Chromecast

There is now an even greater choice for UK Android users who are looking to watch movies on a larger screen using Chromecast. Blinkbox, a service which offers movies for sale and rent, have updated their Android app to include support for Google’s media streaming dongle.

The move should be welcomed in the UK, as it provides a very good alternative to Google’s own Play Movies, which also offers Chromecast support. Both services provide a similar catalogue of films, which includes everything from classics to the latest releases.

As is the case with Google Play Movies, Blinkbox offers high definition versions of many of the titles in its catalogue. The two rival digital stores both claim to be capable of delivering HD content to the Chromecast dongle.

In the case of Blinkbox, the company states that a 5Mbps internet connection is required in order to stream HD movies to Chromecast, although only 2Mbps is needed in order to play content at a more basic quality level.

As with many digital stores, pricing on both Google Play Movies and Blinkbox is similar. However, there are still some differences to be found, with both services offering a distinct range of special offers to tempt users.