BT Sport app adds Chromecast support

The BT Sport app has been updated to include support for Chromecast, less than three weeks after Google’s digital media player launched in the UK. As a result, it is possible to play content from both the Android and iOS apps on any TV with a HDMI port.

Although there is some evidence that BT Sport has been working on adding support for a little while now, the TV service was not one of Chromecast’s launch partners in the UK.

Despite BT appearing to have been working on Chromecast support prior to the TV stick’s UK launch, adoption seems to have been accelerated when the company noticed demand from its customers.

There has been much discussion online amongst BT Sport customers – on Twitter, in particular – with many asking for Chromecast support to be added to the TV service’s mobile apps.

Although no firm commitment was made at the time, very shortly after the UK launch of Chromecast an update was posted on the BT website. The company let customers know that they were aware of Google’s digital media player and were ‘keen to ensure that the BT Sport app is compatible with any device that becomes really popular’.

It is not possible to subscribe to the BT Sport app directly via an in-app purchase. The mobile service is only available to BT Sport customers via Sky or BT Infinity.

One of the main draws of the BT Sport app is that it allows customers to watch the service away from their main TV set. Although BT Sport now offer a multi-room subscription option for Sky customers, this costs an additional £5 per month.

There has been some resistance to this extra multi-room charge, as it is in addition to the multi-room fee already levied by Sky. This is because BT Sport have chosen to sell their channels directly, rather than wholesaling through Sky.

Chromecast support will provide a simple way to access BT Sport’s portfolio of channels on more than one TV.

The BT Sport app’s HDMI output support is limited, with large black borders displayed around the picture on a TV screen.

BT Sport joins a variety of services offering Chromecast support in the UK, including BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, Netflix, YouTube, Red Bull TV and VEVO.

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