Geeksphone Revolution - secret processor?

Can an Android/Firefox dual OS phone succeed?

Spanish smartphone maker Geeksphone has unveiled details of its latest device, the Revolution. The phone will be a high-end device, and marks a departure for a company which has so far focussed on the budget end of the market.

In the main, customers will be able to chose between Android and Firefox OS when they order a Geeksphone Revolution. Except as this is an unofficial project, the Boot2Gecko name will be used instead of Firefox branding.

Curiously, when speaking to Gigaom, a spokesperson for Geeksphone said that advanced users will be able to install both operating systems on the Revolution.

A high-end smartphone powered by Firefox OS is an interesting prospect. All phones that have been released running the operating system so far have been budget devices, and as a result, have not really provided any indication of the platform’s ultimate potential.

Yet whilst Firefox OS’ ultimate potential may interest enthusiasts, Mozilla is focussing elsewhere at the moment. Rather than displacing Android, Mozilla is concentrating on playing a leading role in the development of mobile standards – specifically HTML5 – and growing its platform in developing markets.

Firefox OS is therefore a very different proposition to Android. Whilst many tech enthusiasts have embraced Mozilla’s open source and privacy-centric approach, it is debatable as to whether many will be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to dual boot its new platform alongside Android.

[via Gigaom]