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Chromecast Ultra $69 and Google Home $129 prices outed

The prices of the Chromecast Ultra 4K streaming dongle and Google Home speaker have been reported by a prominent Android media outlet, ahead of their expected launch on 4 October. A price of $69 applies to Chromecast Ultra, while Google Home will go on sale at $129.

Pricing has come from a report carried by Android Police, with the website stating it has two sources inside Google who have confirmed the information.

There was no mention of international pricing, although last year’s Chromecast, with a base price of $35, can provide a rough indication of what to expect.

In the UK, Chromecast went on sale for £30. In real terms, this is actually less than the US price, if you take into account VAT, which is charged at 20%.

With a selling price of €39 in Germany, Chromecast was not quite as cheap in mainland Europe. However, once Germany’s 19% VAT is accounted for, the selling price is just marginally higher than expected.

If similar patterns follow, then Chromecast Ultra is likely to cost around £55 in the UK and €75 throughout much of continental Europe. Google Home, meanwhile, should be priced at approximately £99 in the UK and €139 in much of mainland Europe.

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