Gamestick console - Android-powered device from PlayJam

Could the GameStick delays actually be good news?

Anyone hoping to get their hands on a GameStick may have to wait until close to Christmas. The Android-based games console’s official website is now reporting a release date of 15 December, although currently expects shipping to commence on 29 November.

Potential buyers are unlikely to be particularly excited by Amazon reporting a slightly early date, as the console has already been beset by numerous delays. The Kickstarter-funded project was originally set to go on sale in June 2013.

Some gamers have already got their hands on a GameStick, however. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign starter to receive the console at the end of August, although they were originally expecting the units to ship in April.

Early access has not necessarily proven to be a positive experience for everyone. Reading through reviews on give the impression that build quality and reliability have been somewhat hit-and-miss. Whilst some backers have been delighted with the console, others have suffered numerous problems.

It is worth noting, though, that companies with far more resources than PlayJam – the British company behind the GameStick – have suffered similar quality control issues with initial batches of new products. There have been numerous reports of problems for early adopters of the iPhone 5s, with everything from the battery to the phone’s sensors having been the subject of complaints.

Whilst PlayJam will no doubt be frustrated to miss out on much of the Christmas market, the delay will hopefully provide a chance for build quality problems to be resolved. And getting this right is crucial if the GameStick is to make an impact as a mass market console.

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