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Cyanogen OS demise – what it means for Wileyfox owners

Somewhat against the odds, Wileyfox has successfully carved out a niche for itself in Europe, producing some of the best budget handsets available. The company has achieved this feat by using Cyanogen OS; Wileyfox concentrating on hardware, while contracting another organisation to make sure the software is up-to-date.

Cyanogen’s announcement that it will be shutting down its operating system services by the end of the year is bad news – both for Wileyfox and its customers. It has cast uncertainty over future support for Wileyfox smartphones, many of which will have been unwrapped by their owners as recently as Christmas Day.

To its credit, Wileyfox has reacted quickly to the unfolding drama surrounding Cyanogen.

Although Cyanogen’s actions – providing users with very little notice before shutting down its services – appear both chaotic and unhelpful, troubling reports have been emerging about the company for some time. It is therefore unlikely that Cyanogen’s shutdown announcement took Wileyfox completely by surprise.

Wileyfox customers who have contacted the company have been provided with a statement, assuring them that a plan has been put in place to continue delivering updates after Cyanogen’s shutdown.

“Our OS Strategy and Software plan moving forward will be complete soon,” the Wileyfox statement reads. “We have agreed a smooth transition where we will continue [to] deliver constant and consistent software and OS updates.”

Impressively, Wileyfox has already thought well beyond how it will deliver small feature-based improvements to its smartphones. There are plans in place to transition its entire range of handsets over to Android Nougat, and roll-out future Android security updates.

“Our plan is to bring our entire Wileyfox portfolio onto Android N, the latest version of Google Android’s OS, in a timely manner – while still continuing to protect the range with Google software security updates.”

Wileyfox has certainly reacted quickly to developments over at Cyanogen, at the time of year when dealing with sudden announcements is most challenging. The company intends to offer future details about its plans in due course.

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