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Developers from Romania, Ukraine and Turkey now able to sell apps via Google Play

There is some good news for developers from a number of European countries, with Google adding more locations that are able to sell paid Android apps via Google Play. Although developers from 150 countries – from Albania to Zimbabwe – are able to upload free apps, before the most recent additions only 37 of those had the option of selling the products of their labour.

Developers from Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, Slovakia, Luxembourg and Greece can all register for a Google Wallet Merchant account.

Alongside the European additions, developers from Saudi Arabia and Vietnam are also now able to sell paid apps through Google Play.

The changes should hopefully provide additional motivation for developers in the countries affected. As well as the potential for encouraging new apps, the ability to sell through the Play Store will hopefully result in some developers deciding to revive dormant apps.

There is also the possibility that we will see new premium versions of existing apps emerging from the eight countries in question. Whilst developers are not allowed to start charging for apps that were previously free, they can sell premium editions as new uploads to the Play Store.

Any money earnt is paid to developers on a monthly basis. However, Ukraine, Slovakia and Vietnam join the list of countries for which payment is made by wire transfer rather than a direct bank deposit.

Wire transfers have a number of disadvantages. As payments are completed in US dollars rather than the developer’s local currency, the transfer can be subject to both fees and unfavourable conversion rates.

There is also a higher payout threshold for wire transfers, with the developer requiring a balance of at least $100, rather than the $1 needed for a direct bank deposit.

In order to counter one of the negative aspects of wire transfers, some developers in the 12 countries that are subject to the payment method have set up domestic bank accounts in US dollars, rather than their local currency. This at the very least eliminates the worry of unfavourable currency conversion rates.

To start selling apps on Google Play, a Google Wallet Merchant Center account needs to be created. This is a process that can be completed through the Google Play Developer Console, and is subject to a one-off fee of $25.

[via Android Police]