Crazy Taxi on Android

Download Crazy Taxi free on Android

Sega have made their classic game Crazy Taxi available free to download from Google Play. Anyone wanting to get their hands on the Android version of Crazy Taxi will have to act fast, though, as it is only being made available without charge for a very limited time.

Crazy Taxi will be available free only until 19 March, although given the game’s popularity, news of the offer is likely to spread fast. No doubt Sega will be delighted to see details of the promotion shared across social media and beyond, as they look to build up hype around the Crazy Taxi series ahead of the launch of a new title.

A mobile-only addition to the range, Crazy Taxi: City Rush, is set to receive a worldwide Android release later this year.

Crazy Taxi was originally an arcade game that was ported across to Sega’s Dreamcast. The title has since been successfully released across numerous platforms and been followed up by sequels.

[via Google Play]