Wire Android private messaging app (groups)

Encrypted Skype-rival Wire is now open source

The encrypted messaging service Wire has announced that it is going open source. With the source code for the Wire clients now available, developers are free to test the strength of the privacy provision offered by the service.

Wire is a cross-platform service and has clients available for Android, iOS, Windows and OS X. In addition, there is also a web-based version of Wire.

Android Wafer has reported on Wire before, after the company – which has bases in both Switzerland and Germany – introduced encrypted video messaging earlier in the year.

In addition to video calling, Wire offers traditional text-based messaging, which is also encrypted.

It is worth noting that Wire has been developed by former Skype engineers. The company is also backed by Janus Friis, who is a co-founder of Skype.

Wire Chief Technology Officer Alan Duric has said that the company always intended to open source its code, once a comprehensive range of features had been introduced. Duric believes that the technology behind the service could be used for a variety of other applications, across different fields, in the future.

“We are starting a new phase for the company, where this technology and in particular this solution, could be useful for other industries,” Duric stated.

“Just like in real-time communications, many industries face the same challenges and have the same strict requirements with regards to security and privacy, as well as the need for scaling, robustness and a rich feature set — qualities that are built into Wire by design.”

The Wire clients’ source code has been uploaded to GitHub.