Facebook Messenger - Android app

Facebook launches Messenger Lite app

A lightweight version of Facebook Messenger has been announced, targeted at users in developing markets. Messenger Lite has been designed for older Android devices and has a file size of less than 10 MB.

Like a lot of internet companies, Facebook is heavily focussed on emerging markets in the knowledge that they offer the biggest potential for growth. Approaching these markets is not always straightforward, though, due to limitations that do not exist elsewhere.

In developing markets, older-spec devices are much more commonplace than they are in areas like Europe and North America. This can mean that full editions of apps either run slowly or do not work at all, for users with more-limited Android devices.

Network infrastructure is also typically more limited in developing markets. As a result, large data-heavy apps can prove problematic.

The roll-out for Messenger Lite is now underway, and users in Malaysia, Tunisia, Venezuela, Sri Lanka and Kenya will be the first to be given access to the new app. The release process will then continue, with Messenger Lite being made available to other countries.