Samsung wireless charging pad (black) - for Samsung Galaxy S6

Fast wireless charging in the pipeline

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has announced that the Qi wireless charging standard is to be updated in order to offer more power. The revisions will mean that the standard will become capable of delivering 15 watts of power, which will in turn ensure devices charge much quicker.

Qi is one of the main wireless charging standards in use, and is offered on devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S6.

At present, charging a smartphone with a micro USB charger via the Quick Charge standard is around twice as fast as Qi.

It is unclear how the update will affect existing smartphones and tablets which support the Qi standard, although it is unlikely they will be able to take advantage of the addition power through a firmware update. Therefore, the benefits will probably only be seen in future devices.

It was hoped that 2015 would be the year that wireless charging went mainstream. But the prospect of thousands of charging points appearing in shops, restaurants and bars around the world is still some way off, with interest in the technology still relatively limited.

Of the high-profile premium Android smartphones that have been released so far in 2015, only the Samsung Galaxy S6 has included built-in wireless charging.

LG actually took a step backwards with the LG G4, given that European and Asian editions of the LG G3 offered wireless charging technology integrated into the device. But wherever you happen to be in the world, the LG G4 requires the company’s Quick Circle wireless charging case, in order to be able to take advantage of the feature.

Limited support from smartphone manufacturers is unquestionably one of the biggest factors hindering the uptake of wireless charging. However, perhaps whilst not as influential, relatively slow charging speeds have still dimmed enthusiasm for the technology.

[via Digital Trends]