Fenix for Twitter - Android app

Fenix Twitter app back on Google Play

A popular third-party Twitter app has returned to Google Play after having a cloud of uncertainty cast over its future. Fenix was unable to accept new users after reaching the token limit that Twitter has in place for third-party apps.

The company claims that it is eager to encourage third-party apps which offer functionality that is unavailable on official clients.

As a result of the token limit, it is effectively not possible for a third-party Twitter client, such as Fenix, to challenge the popularity of the company’s official app. Critics of Twitter’s token limit claim that it restricts choice, as developers are discouraged from producing anything which could prove to be competition for the official apps.

Developers are only allowed to increase their token limit if they are given special dispensation from Twitter. This appears to be what has happened in the case of Fenix, although its developer, Matteo Villa, has said he is unable to provide any specific details about the resolution.