Quickoffice Android app

Google discontinues Quickoffice

Development of the Google-owned mobile office suite Quickoffice has been stopped, with the search engine giant announcing that the app will be removed from the Play Store shortly. Google has said that the decision was taken because Quickoffice’s features have now been integrated into some of its other productivity apps.

As an alternative to Quickoffice, Google suggests that users download its Docs, Sheets and Slides apps, which allow for the editing of World, Excel and PowerPoint files respectively.

Google has not revealed the exact date on which Quickoffice will be removed from the Play Store, stating on the Google Apps blog only that it will be withdrawn ‘in the coming weeks’. Anyone who already has Quickoffice and wishes to continue using it is free to do so, although no new features will be added.

Quickoffice was acquired by Google back in June 2012. In September last year the Pro version was discontinued, with the current free edition – which is tied to Google Drive – released at the same time.

There is also an iOS release of Quickoffice, which is being retired alongside the Android version.

[via Google Apps blog]