Google app - offline search

Google introduces better search for weak connections

The Google app’s handling of search is being changed, in order to deliver a better experience with a restricted connection. Results will now be sent as soon as a signal is available again, leaving users free to get on with other tasks.

After a search has been conducted without a sufficiently-good connection, the Google app will later send a notification to the device as soon as results are available.

The change means that users do no have to keep retrying in the hope of picking up a signal, as the Google app will now handle the process automatically.

As the app saves the search results offline, they can still be viewed even if the connection remains weak. The content fetched is optimised in order to reduce data usage.

Google is confident that the new feature will not have a negative impact on battery life.

Improvements to offline search could be particularly useful when travelling, as signal quality can vary considerably over the course of a journey.