Trusted Contacts - location request

Google launches new personal safety app

Google has announced the launch of Trusted Contacts – a new app that allows users to easily let friends and family know whether they are okay, or in need of help. And if those close to a user have any concerns, they can request to verify their status.

As the name of the app implies, the service works by assigning a series of trusted contacts. These people are then kept up-to-date, so they can check whether someone is active and online.

If a user of Trusted Contacts feels that they are in danger, they can share their location with the friends and family they are selected.

In addition, if those close contacts have concern for someone’s wellbeing, they can ask to see their location.

The user can chose to deny this request, at the same time letting others know that they are well. But if no response is received within a set timeframe, then Trusted Contacts will automatically share the location, so that help can be provided, if necessary.