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Google seeks improvements to Android app quality

With Android now established as a mature mobile operating system, Google is looking at ways to help improve the overall experience. And one of the methods the search engine giant will now be using involves the targeting of poor-performing apps.

Google will monitor a range of metrics in order to establish which apps are not up to par. The company is focussing on factors such as stability, speed and battery usage.

For developers who have an app that falls into the bottom 25 percent on any of Google’s metrics, a warning will be issued through the developer console.

Some of Google’s measurements may be affected by hardware. An app which runs very well on one device may struggle on another.

Yet the vast amount of data at Google’s disposal should allow for a reasonably clear picture to emerge, as far as overall app quality is concerned. And the new testing could prove useful to many developers, alerting them to problem areas they were previously unaware of.

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