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Google working on Allo desktop client

The hype surrounding Google’s messaging service Allo has died down significantly since launch. But the team behind Allo are still developing the project as they seek to build momentum, with a new desktop client in the works.

Although Allo started life as a mobile messaging service, the move to add desktop support is a logical step.

Allo deeply integrates Google Assistant, which interfaces with the search engine giant’s AI platform. Desktop support will enable Google to spread the reach of its AI technologies further.

The wider support will also bring Allo into line with rival services such as Telegram, WeChat and WhatsApp; all of which offer desktop clients.

It is not clear when Allo will launch its desktop client. The only noteworthy information available about the addition of desktop support comes in the form of a tweet from Nick Fox, Vice President of Communications Products at Google.

Fox’s tweet shows the forthcoming desktop client operating as a web app, which indicates that it will be available across a number of operating systems.

[via Twitter]