Four Android Wear smartwatches

Google working on own smartwatches

Although Android Wear offers a consistent user experience across devices, it now appears that Google may be working on its own smartwatches. It is believed that the search engine giant will launch two smartwatches after it has released its 2016 Nexus smartphones.

The information about the potential Google smartwatches comes from Android Police, who have also seemingly been leaked a considerable amount of detail about the 2016 Nexus smartphones, in recent times.

Android Police has applied a ‘confidence level’ of seven out of ten to the rumours about the Google smartwatches. The website has a number of well-placed sources, who have provided accurate information about forthcoming products in the past.

The speculation about Google developing its own smartwatches is particularly interesting, as Android Wear offers a standardised user experience. Therefore, it would appear that Google is eager to expand its own hardware offerings, believing that is has something unique to offer over the likes of LG and ASUS.

[via Android Police]