Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast

Google’s ethernet adapter for Chromecast proves a hit

A new adapter has gone on sale that allows Chromecast users to connect the media streaming dongle to the internet via ethernet. The new product solves the problems caused through a poor Wi-Fi signal, by allowing Chromecast to be wired directly to a router.

It appears fair to say that the new ethernet adapter has proven to be very popular too. Having gone on sale in the American Google Store, it seems to have sold out in less than a day.

The Chromecast ethernet adapter has attracted strong demand despite a soft launch. Google has not engaged in any significant marketing activity to promote the new product, and word has largely spread online, through Reddit, online discussions forums and blogs.

Whilst a release date has not been set for the adapter in Europe, a European release is highly likely. The image on the Google Store in the United States shows the adapter as having a three-pin UK plug.

Although the three-pin plug is not used throughout mainland Europe, the Google Store photo does indicate that consideration is likely to have been given to wider international distribution.

The adapter has been priced at $15 in the US, whilst the Chromecast dongle itself continues to sell for $35 on the American Google Store.

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