Microsoft OneNote for Android tablets - handwriting and drawing support

Handwriting and drawing support added to Microsoft OneNote app

Microsoft has been giving the Android version of its OneNote software a lot of attention recently, and that has continued with a significant update hitting the Play Store. The latest version of OneNote for Android tablets includes a refreshed design, as well as some promising-looking new features.

The headlining addition to the tablet version of OneNote is the inclusion of support for handwriting and drawing.

The latest update comes after Microsoft launched a OneNote beta programme for Android users, in July.

Microsoft is currently in the process of diversification – relying less on the sales of operating systems and software, and looking to grow the services side of its business in a major way.

One of the challenges that Microsoft has faced is that it did not have an established portfolio of services that worked well across platforms, in both mobile and desktop environments. By contrast, thanks in no small part to Android’s market share, Google has made notable progress growing services such as Google Maps, Gmail and Google Drive.

In putting such effort behind OneNote, Microsoft is taking on the likes of Evernote and Google Keep.

However, OneNote is very well established software already with a loyal set of users, having been launched over ten years ago.

The fact that there was already a good base to build upon has allowed Microsoft to grow OneNote across Windows desktop, Windows Phone, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android devices. And in addition to offering native support for a large number of platforms, there is also a web app.

On all of the aforementioned platforms, OneNote is now available for free, after Microsoft decided to stop charging for the desktop version back in March. This move will likely have helped to accelerate the growth in users of the note-taking software further.

Microsoft’s focus on OneNote is therefore unsurprising. Unlike many of Microsoft’s other services, it already had an established set of users on multiple platforms, and is therefore in a strong position to compete against rivals.