HTC Vive - virtual reality headset

HTC announces Viveport – a virtual reality app store

As HTC intensifies its commitment to the virtual reality genre, the Taiwanese company has announced that it is launching its own VR app store. There should be a wide variety of content available, with HTC saying that categories will include sport, 360 video, news, shopping, entertainment, travel, health and information.

Work on the new store, which will be called Viveport, is already well underway. HTC said that it intends to make a beta version available to developers within ‘a few weeks’.

HTC was refreshingly honest in their announcement of Viveport, acknowledged that developer support is vital for the store to succeed.

“Built with a focus on the global community of developers, its success will be deeply tied to the success of developers listing content on the platform,” a HTC blog post stated.

As well as being a potential source of future revenue, it is likely that HTC sees Viveport as a way of extending its influence over the software that is developed for the HTC Vive VR headset.

The company is hopeful that the store will allow it to foster closer partnerships with developers.

“Through this intimate relationship, we will empower developers to drive long-term engagement with customers,” HTC stated.