HTC Desire 610 - rear

HTC could release mid-range Desire 10

A few years ago when HTC was one of the leading Android smartphone manufacturers, its Desire handsets were considered amongst the best mid-range devices. However, since this time, the likes of Motorola and Honor (a Huawei sub-brand) have moved ahead in this territory.

But now rumours have emerged that HTC could be readying a new Desire smartphone, based around the flagship HTC 10.

The HTC 10 has been widely praised by tech reviewers, although as a flagship device, it is quite expensive.

The key challenge for HTC will be striking the right balance when it comes to compromises. If the HTC Desire 10 is relatively inexpensive, whilst retaining enough of the performance and build quality of the HTC 10, the Taiwanese company could have a success on its books.

Rumours about the possibility of a HTC Desire 10 being released have come from renowned Twitter tipster @evleaks.