HTC One M10 - Cameras10

HTC drops more hints about its next flagship smartphone

HTC has been at it again. The successor to the HTC One M9 is expected to launch next month and the Taiwanese company has offered another social media teaser ahead of the unveiling.

Over the past month evidence has been mounting that the camera on HTC’s forthcoming flagship Android smartphone will be one of its biggest selling points. Back in February HTC’s chief financial officer, Chialin Chang, promised ‘a very compelling camera experience’, and the company has followed this remark by releasing a small snippet of information across social media.

HTC’s various social media accounts have posted a mysterious partial-image of two cameras, alongside the slogan ‘Cameras10’.

Perhaps more interesting, though, is the text that accompanies the image. This reads: “World First, World Class, Front and Back. You’ll see.”

It is largely expected that HTC will return to using an UltraPixel camera, following the recent trend of concentrating on pixel size rather than resolution. HTC’s latest social media post is particularly intriguing, as it suggests that the company may use the same camera on both the rear, and front, of its forthcoming flagship.