HTC U teaser

HTC has a big announcement for ‘U’ on 12 January

Many companies may be winding down for the holiday season, but HTC is still keen to keep itself in the headlines. The Taiwanese manufacturer has posted a teaser across its social media accounts, promising an announcement on 12 January.

Intriguingly, and somewhat unusually, the news of an announcement has come as a surprise, as there have been no leaks to suggest what HTC is planning. The timing is also a little unusual, coming four days after the close of the CES trade show.

HTC’s teaser image does not contain much in the way of content, there is just the 12 January date and HTC logo, together with the text: ‘for U’.

The large ‘U’ character appears to be a hint, but it does not tie in with any of HTC’s existing product lines. HTC is still best known for its smartphones, but the company has recently launched a number of new mid-range handset, and the date also appears to be a little early for its 2017 flagship launch.

The ‘U’ notation would also not fit with the naming system used for recent HTC flagships.

But none of this completely rules out a smartphone launch. The date is interesting – avoiding CES could actually be a smart move, as it would mean HTC would not have to compete for media attention with a large number of other tech companies.

HTC has been involved with a number of products away from smartphones in recent years. There has been the RE Camera and, more recently, the HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

One possibility is that HTC’s U could be a health and fitness product, building on the company’s collaboration with American sportswear brand Under Armour.