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HTC Vive can support Rift games after Oculus removes hardware check

It is now much easier to play Oculus Rift games on the HTC Vive, following a change in policy regarding digital rights management. The latest move in a fast-changing situation has seen Oculus perform an about-turn, so now no hardware check is performed to see whether games are being played on the company’s hardware.

This story goes back to April, when a patch called Revive was released to allow Oculus titles to be played on Vive. Oculus responded by introducing a hardware check, meaning that its titles could no longer be used with Revive.

However, the developer of Revive then updated the utility so that the Oculus Platform DRM was circumvented for Unreal Engine games.

Although Oculus always maintained that the hardware check was about preventing piracy, the fact that it broke compatibility with the Revive patch did not go down well with some enthusiasts.

Following Oculus’ decision to remove the hardware check, the developer of Revive has amended his patch so that it no longer includes DRM bypassing.

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