Nokia Lumia 900 - black - Carl Zeiss lens

Is Nokia planning to use Carl Zeiss lenses again?

Recently when Nokia announced its return to the international mobile phone market, there was no mention of Car Zeiss glass being used for the cameras. At the time it appeared that the iconic relationship was over, although now Nokia has hinted at a possible revival.

Initially, in response to a Twitter user, the @nokiamoile account had declared simply, “We’re no longer using Carl Zeiss technology.” The company’s position looked pretty straightforward, but more recently there has been a hint that this may not be the case.

Again writing on Twitter, Nokia has moved to clarify the original tweet, while at the same time implying there is a possibility that Carl Zeiss optics could be used in future handsets:

“Our current range does not have Carl Zeiss, which is what this tweet is referring to. Stay tuned for more announcements.”

The social media accounts of companies like Nokia are typically used to address everyday questions, and often those operating them do not have insider knowledge about future plans.

Yet HMD Global, the Finnish company behind Nokia’s new phones, is a relatively small operation.

It is noteworthy that is was felt necessary to clarify the original tweet, particularly when it did not preclude using Carl Zeiss lenses in the future.

Nokia is expected to release a flagship Android smartphone, based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, later in the year. It now looks a lot more conceivable that this high-end device would see Carl Zeiss optics being used once more.

[via Pocket Now]