Is NVIDIA working on a new Android tablet for PC gamers?

Chipset maker NVIDIA are reportedly developing an Android-PC hybrid that could spike the interest of serious gamers. The rumoured device will apparently offer the option of playing standard Android games as well as powerful PC games.

The way the hybrid functionality will reportedly be achieved is through linking the device with a traditional PC. NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience system will likely be used to stream games to the device.

Another device in NVIDIA’s arsenal already uses the GeForce Experience system to similar effect. The NVIDIA SHIELD is a handheld Android games console that also has the ability to play PC games via the aforementioned streaming set-up.

Whilst the new device could prove to be a direct successor to the NVIDIA SHIELD, a more likely possibility is that the company is working on a new tablet, which would tie in with recent speculation about an NVIDIA SHIELD tablet being in the works.

It is likely that the NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip would be used in a device of this type.

[via CNET]