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Is Samsung set for a major voice recognition acquisition?

Samsung has been linked with a takeover of Nuance, a leading voice recognition company. Not only has Nuance developed technology that would be attractive to Samsung, it also has a long list of well known clients across a number of industries.

There is already a relationship between the two companies, with Samsung have made use of Nuance’s voice recognition technology in a wide range of its products, including smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

But Samsung is far from the only big company to have worked with Nuance. Interestingly, Nuance is also responsible for the technology behind Apple’s digital assistant, Siri.

It is believed that the investors backing Nuance are currently seeking a sale. The Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung are involved in talks, in addition to several private equity firms.

In the second quarter of 2014, Nuance recorded a net loss of $39.2 million. This figure was an increase over the $25.8 million net loss recorded during the same period last year.

There may be strategic benefits if Samsung acquire Nuance, as the latter supply technology to a number of the South Korean company’s rivals. Both LG and ZTE are also customers of Nuance.

Samsung may also believe that Nuance would integrate well within its existing businesses. In addition to its work with consumer-oriented companies, Nuance also supplies its technology to companies within health care, enterprise and imaging – all sectors that Samsung currently operate in.

[via BGR]