Hisense Sero 7 Pro

Is the Hisense Sero 7 Pro the best Google Nexus 7 alternative in the UK?

The Hisense Sero 7 Pro is an Android tablet offering slightly better specs than the all-conquering first edition of Google’s Nexus 7. And if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, the Sero 7 Pro is currently on sale in the UK at £149.99 (€174) from Ebuyer – £50 cheaper than the standard price of the original 32 GB Nexus 7.

Like the larger capacity original Nexus 7, the Sero 7 Pro is packed with 32 GB of internal storage. However, there is a rather nice bonus – Hisense has included a MicroSD card expansion slot, a feature not present on Google’s 7-inch tablet.

A HDMI output is also to be found on the Sero 7 Pro. There was a great deal of frustration amongst some buyers of the original Nexus 7 that it didn’t contain the popular media connection, although Google has added a HDMI output to the revised – and more expensive – edition.

Both the Sero 7 Pro and Nexus 7 are based on Nvidia’s Tegra 3 architecture, with the Hisense device’s quad-core CPU having a slightly higher clock speed at 1.3 GHz, compared to the 1.2 GHz of its rival.

There is little to chose when it comes to the display. A 1280 x 800 IPS panel is present on both tablets, although the screen of the Sero 7 Pro is perhaps slightly more impressive.

The remaining specs of the Sero 7 Pro and the Nexus 7 mostly match up like-for-like. There are a couple of areas where Google’s original 7-inch tablet does have a marginal edge, though.

A 4000 mAh battery is included with the Sero 7 Pro, and Hisense can’t match Google in this area, with the Nexus 7’s power source having a capacity of 4325 mAh.

Another factor to bear in mind is update frequency. Whilst the original Nexus 7 is currently receiving an update to Android 4.3 – the latest version of the operating system – Hisense are lagging behind. As things stand, the Sero 7 Pro is still running Android 4.2.1.

The UK version of the Sero 7 Pro shouldn’t be confused with the model on sale at Walmart, in the US. Although it will only set you back $149 (£97/€112), the tablet that is available in America only has 8GB worth of internal storage space.

In the US, the Sero 7 Pro is exclusive to Walmart and as a result comes with a couple of the retailer’s own apps.

European availability of Hisense’s tablet is more restricted right now, with only UK retailers currently showing stock of the product. In addition to Ebuyer, the Sero 7 Pro is also sold by Bacton Computers, an independent based in the Norfolk coastal village of Bacton.