Virgin TV Anywhere Android app

Is Virgin TV Anywhere now better than Sky Go?

Virgin Media customers will be hitting the town tonight (or charging up their tablets, at the very least) in celebration of Virgin TV Anywhere arriving on Android. A year after its iOS launch, the streaming service – for customers of the cable TV provider – has expanded its offering to include users of Google’s operating system.

It has been quite an agressive launch from Virgin Media, with the company eager to point out that 39 of its channels – included BT Sport, ITV and Channel 5 – are not available on rival Sky Go. Virgin TV Anywhere is also ahead on overall numbers as well, with its 67 channels equating to ten more than the competition.

Where Sky Go has an advtantage is that it is an established service, supporting a wide range of phones. And whilst the satellite TV company will soon be releasing a new version of Sky Go specifically optimised for Android tablets, the existing app still works on devices like the Nexus 7.

By contrast, Virgin TV Anywhere only supports a limited number of devices at the present time, including the HTC One, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 as well as some Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy devices.

[via The Telegraph]