Android Auto 2.0 - smartphone display

It is now possible to use Android Auto in all cars

A major update to Android Auto means that the system is no longer restricted to a selection of compatible vehicles via existing in-car displays. A new version of Android Auto is currently being rolled out which enables it to be used on Android smartphones.

Android Auto 2.0 is compatible with smartphones running Android 5.0 Lollipop, or later. It provides an interface that allows access to commonly-used functions while driving, and has been designed with safety in mind.

It therefore becomes easy to access services like music, weather, communications and navigation from a smartphone placed in a suitable dashboard mount.

One limitation that remains in place is the geographic areas where Android Auto can be used.

The new smartphone compatibility does not change the restriction that limits Android Auto’s availability to certain locations. The service still only being offered in the 30 countries that were already supported.