HTC 10 AnTuTu benchmark result on display

Leaked image shows HTC 10 with great AnTuTu score

Another day, another leak of HTC’s next flagship smartphone. This time it is an image of the device, which some believe will be called the HTC 10, running the AnTuTu benchmarking app.

Although the image provides another indication of the forthcoming smartphone’s physical appearance, the most interesting aspect of this particular leak is what is shown on screen.

HTC M10 AnTuTu benchmark result - full list including S7 Edge and Mi 5

Proudly displayed on the HTC 10’s screen is an AnTuTu result of 156,091, with the device out-performing both the Xiaomi Mi 5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The source of the leak is not known – an anonymous tipster contacted Android Central to alert the website to a photo that had been uploaded to

Wherever the image came from, it is unlikely that HTC will be too upset about its emergence, particularly as it shows the HTC 10 in such a good light, as far as performance is concerned. It may even be the case that HTC is pleased to see the photo being shared and discussed so widely.

[via Android Central]