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LG issues Android security update for January 2017 faster than Google

Ahead of the new year, LG has issued its security bulletin for January 2017, with the release coming before Google’s own official Android bulletin for the same period. It is a move that will earn LG significant kudos, with the implication that the company has placed a high priority on security.

There is a total of 81 patches present in LG’s bulletin, with fixes from both Google and the South Korean company itself. Google will post its own security bulletin next week.

Since Google made a commitment to providing monthly security updates, LG were quick to follow suit. Samsung and BlackBerry have also gained good reputations for issuing timely patches, but many other manufacturers continue to lag behind.

Ever since high-profile vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed and Stageflight, the security of Android has come under significant scrutiny.

Due to the open nature of the platform, manufacturers tend to heavily customise Android to fit their own needs. This has lead to a diverse ecosystem, but means that updates are difficult to apply due to a lack of standardisation.

There is also a large disparity between the best and worst Android manufacturers when it comes to providing updates. While devices from companies like LG, Samsung, Google and BlackBerry receive monthly security patches, other products barely receive any updates at all over their life cycle.